Some of the greatest Italian restaurants in Liverpool

Whether you are visiting Liverpool or live in the city, consider these options if you are seeking Italian food, especially in Liverpool’s central area:

-Villa Romana

Top choice restaurant and one of the city’s favourites, as Italian restaurants in Liverpool Villa Romana┬áhave an authenticate Italian interior to their restaurant and a menu to match it. I initially found this when looking for some romantic things to do in Liverpool during our last visit and found that blog post, we decided to try the restaurant because of it and we were not disappointed! In fact because this blog is all about life and what it brings, the rest of this post is dedicated to the other restaurants in the area, we haven’t tried them all but if you have any feedback we’d love to hear it!

-Trattoria 51

The Trattoria 51 can be found in Liverpool’s commercial district, more specifically at Old Hall Street. It is also not far away from the Echo Arena and the two football clubs that rival each other: Liverpool FC and Everton FC. This restaurant features astonishing architecture, being inside a classical Victorian building with two floor levels. Being an authentic pizzeria, pizzas are freshly prepared and baked in a stone oven. And innovation comes alongside tradition, since Trattoria 51 is the first restaurant ever to become a partner of DS-gluten free, a retail brand that specialises in gluten free pizzas and meals for persons that follow a gluten free diet.

-Casa Italia

Casa Italia is in the heart of Liverpool’s city centre, being directly opposite of the Eleanor Rigby statue. It is one of the most traditional venues of Liverpool, having been established in 1976 and owned by the same Italian family since then, four decades already. Its two-level interior accommodates 120 people in the lower floor and 60 people in the upper floor, which is available for booking and reservation of parties. And during the three previous decades, famous personalities such as Paul McCartney and Kylie Minogue have occupied the tables at Casa Italia.

-Il Forno

This fine and elegant restaurant is headed by the Cillo family, which hail from the south of Italy. Located at Duke Street, Il Forno has been awarded numerous times, one example being considered one of the country’s greatest Italian restaurants by The Sunday Times, as well as holding the title of ‘Best Pizza’ in the 2015 English Italian Awards. But perhaps the main secret might be the ingredients used, since authenticity, textures, scents and flavours are essential. From the olive oil pressed in the traditional manner, to the Salerno cheeses, Parma hams and the wines of Sicily, only at Il Forno you will be able to find the most amazing and tremendous combinations that make for a unique dining experience.

-Olive Restaurant and Bar

Situated at the heart of Liverpool’s financial district, on Castle Street, it is open all day long, being a great choice for either business or pleasure outings. If you are bringing children with you, it will be an even more enjoyable experience, since they will be able to wear a chef’s hat suited to their size and make their own pizza off of a menu featuring healthy and appealing ingredients. Also, their fantastic wine bar must not be forgotten, since of course wine is a staple in any Italian meal.



Bill Paul