Choosing a Driving School in Chester

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Hey guys, Bill here, just wanted to have a rant about driving lessons in my local area of Chester. While there are several places to take driving lessons in Chester  they do not all offer the same quality of service. Besides, their charges also differ and most importantly, higher charges do not always lead to better driving lessons. So, it is not advisable to just choose a driving school at random. You should ensure that your driving school meets the certain requirements. You should ideally go with a driving school that comes recommended from people you trust too, ask around your family and friends before you start booking lessons because they can mount up to be quite expensive, it’s worthwhile actually spending that money on a good driving school.

Contact several schools

You need to contact many service providers and compare what they offer. So, it is advisable to contact up to 4 driving schools near your location and then compare what the offer before you select one. Here are what you should focus on.

Consider proximity

Taking driving lessons from a school that is located near you is convenient and it will also save you time and effort of going far. However, proximity is not the only factor to consider. You need to think of other factors too.


Compare the charges of all the driving schools. You should consider the school with the most pocket-friendly charges. At the same time, be wary of any school whose charges are way below average. It may be a pointer to low quality service.

Availability of certified instructors

It is important to take driving lessons from only experienced and certified instructors. Unfortunately, some instructors inflate their years of experience to attract more students. You may not be able to tell if your instructor inflated his years of experience or not but you can ask for his certificate. It is needless to remind you that certification is an indication of competence. I found an interesting piece recently about how to become a driving instructor – did you know they can make up to 50 grand a year??? I’m in the wrong job here haha, these guys in Wirral seem a good option if I ever wanted to go down that route.

Which of them has more facilities

Some driving schools have only one or two cars and when they are being used, you will need to reschedule your own lessons. This is why you should choose a school that has several cars. Another important facility to check is the size of their training field. You want to be trained on a wide field where you will be able to move the vehicle for long before hitting the road.

A good balance of theory and practical

Drivers fail theory tests more than practical ones because most schools focus more on the practical aspect. Unfortunately, you have to pass both tests to get a driver’s license. So you need a school that offers a good balance between both practical and theory.

Conclusively, in choosing where to get your driving lessons in Chester, you may need to prioritise the requirements because it is not likely that a single driving school will be better than others in all aspects. The school with the best facilities may be the farthest one to your home or the nearest school to you may also be a school with not-so-impressive facilities. So, you have to prioritise the requirements.